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Currently, we are accepting resumes for Certified Expanded Function Dental Assistant. Experience REQUIRED! No phone calls please! Thank you!

 Cigna We are hiring for an Expanded Function Dental Assistant!    [ Certification and experience required.  ]
Our happy dental office is looking for an energetic, EXPERIENCED, and dedicated dental assistant. Expanded duties a plus! Excellent hours and wages- MUST have excellent people skills. Interested candidates please email the office! Absolutely-NO phone calls Please!

 All-on-Four Fixed Denture Marcia Dowden, ADH    [ Hygienist ]
Marcia graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1977 with an Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene. Since then, Marcia has been supporting Dr. Brown for over 35 years. Many of our patients know what a great job she does. Marcia receives many appointment requests!

Marcia's favorite aspect of her job is the continual return of her patients over the years, where she's able to monitor their dental health, while building lasting relationships.

 Anthem Lisa Stucker, ADH    [ Hygienist ]
Lisa has been in the dental industry for close to 20 years. She attended Indiana University South Bend and graduated in 1995 with Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene.

She is a very caring professional that commits to doing the best job for all of her patients; but her specialty is taking the fear of dentistry from her younger ones!
She runs the Flossie and Friends No Cavity Club and other great programs for our amazing patients.

teeth Danielle McKinney, EFDA    [ Expanded Function Dental Assistant ]
Danielle graduated from Ivy Tech Community College and received her expanded dental assistant certificate in 2009. She joined Brown Dentistry in February of 2013. She brings 5 years experience in expanded dental assisting to our practice.

Her favorite aspect of her job is utilizing our lab facility by creating the patient's permanent crown (in-house) with our very own Cerec machine. She considers creating the tooth an art form, as well as a science.

 dentistry Leslie S. Alley, AAS, BSM    [ Business Manager ]
Leslie joined Brown Dentistry in March 2013. She graduated from Ivy Tech Community College in 2011 with an Associates degree in Medical Office Administration and will graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science in Management in December of this year. Along with her education, Leslie brings 10 years of administrative experience to the practice.

Leslie submits all pre-authorizations prior to service and helps resolve any issues of non-payment of services. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and she will do her best to help!

 dr. brown Gloria Tarrant    [ Assistant Business Manager/New Patient Coordinator ]
Gloria has been with Brown Dentistry since February of 2013. She spent 33 years at Milbanks Mfg. company before she retired in 2010. She also worked at Jefferson Manor and during those years at both places she covered multiple departments and gained valuable experience including listening skills and customer service ,compassion, and patience that she easily transfers to our older group of patients.

She loves getting to know the new patients as well as the existing ones, and has the ability to turn everyone she meets into a friend.

 kokomo Terri Brown, AS    [ Insurance and Billing Coordinator, HR Services ]
Terri has 26 years in the medical industry involving all internal departments, including insurance, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivables. She joined Brown Dentistry in 2013.

She is a graduate of Ivy Tech Community College with an Associates Degree in Office Administration. She believes in a higher sense of service and strives to provide that service with compassion and ethics throughout the lifespan of the patient.

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